Anytime some information is uploaded to a shared website hosting account or downloaded from it, some web site traffic is generated which is an aspect that every single hosting plan comes with. It is moreover among the characteristics you need to check out, as the amount of website traffic quota you'll need depends on what exactly you need the account for. The traffic is primarily produced by downloads which includes web site visits. In layman's terms, anytime someone opens your site, the pages are downloaded from the server on his/her computer system and they are then displayed by their internet browser. It is also recommendable to be aware that uploads are considered as well, and any time you transfer large files from your computer system to the server, some traffic will be generated as well. Different suppliers often have different names for this feature, such as traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, yet they all refer to the same thing - the amount of incoming and outgoing information created for some period of time.

Monthly Traffic in Shared Website Hosting

All our Linux shared website hosting plans were designed with the idea to handle the site traffic made by any kind of web site that can exist in such an account. When you currently have one or a few different small or medium-sized websites, you will not be limited by the monthly traffic allowance regardless of what content you have - plain text or many images, for example. The statistics inside your hosting Control Panel provides you with detailed info about the website traffic generated by each and every web site along with the amount for the account altogether. The stats are updated live and show both the daily and the monthly usage, so that you'll be aware of how much info is transferred to and from the website hosting account anytime. The first day of every month your counter is reset, but you will still be able to view the web site traffic stats for the past months, which will give you an idea how your sites perform.

Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Servers

The monthly traffic feature of our semi-dedicated servers is limitless, or as a number of companies advertise it, unmetered. In fact, we keep track of the volume of uploaded and downloaded content for each account, yet we won't ever put a limit, so your web sites can grow and receive more website visitors. We give you detailed information what's going on in your account so as to help you handle your web sites better and to be informed on how they perform. You will be able to view the traffic produced by every single site and the most downloaded web page or file. The figures are monthly, daily and hourly. In a continually developing worldwide web world, it is possible to receive many new website visitors with just one advertising campaign, therefore by supplying a truly unlimited package, we'll guarantee that you do not lose clients due to the fact that your account cannot take care of the site traffic.

Monthly Traffic in VPS Servers

All of the VPS hosting plans that we offer have a monthly traffic allowance proportionate to the resources they come with. The more hdd space and processing power a server has, the more probable it is you'll host more sites on it, thus the website traffic you can use increases with each and every package. In case you need additional traffic at some point, you'll be able to update the package from your billing Control Panel with no more than a few mouse-clicks and the additional resources, including the larger traffic quota, will be added to your current account. You can keep track of how much info has been transferred to and from your virtual server at any moment. To be on the safe side, we'll notify you whenever you reach 90% of your quota to give you enough time to take action and decrease your website traffic or update your plan if necessary. Via your control panel, you will be able to see the website traffic stats for every single domain or subdomain in your VPS account.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers

The monthly website traffic allowance which comes with our dedicated server packages is sufficient for any kind of site whatever its type. Your web applications can make terabytes of site traffic, which warrants that your website visitors will never see any error message on your website resulting from limited quota the way it could happen with many other types of web hosting. In addition, we leave the option to upgrade your website traffic amount open, yet it's highly unlikely that you'll ever need it even if you intend to operate a file sharing web site or a video streaming portal. The server management Control Panel provides correct live information what amount of data has been transmitted for the month so far, and what amount of it remains before you get to the restriction. We'll also let you know you if you reach 90% of the allowance in order to be on the safe side and avoid any downtime of your websites. The information in our panel includes the total traffic, plus software downloads, therefore it is more precise than the one in your website hosting Control Panel where you can view details only about the visitors generated by world wide web content.