In case you need a highly effective hosting solution for your websites, you'll need a standalone server since a shared Internet hosting plan may not be able to handle the load or you may simply need some software to be present on the server. While a shared web server is handled by the service provider, this isn't the case with a virtual or a dedicated machine, so you will need to manage several tasks including keeping a backup of your content or installing software. This could be a problem if you don't have loads of experience or you just do not have time to handle this kind of issues. For this type of scenarios we offer a Managed Services upgrade, which comes with a range of tasks which our system admins can conduct for you, saving you the time and the stress to do them yourself. This upgrade will enable you to start and maintain a booming web presence and you'll be able to concentrate on developing your sites as opposed to handling small monotonous tasks.

Managed Services Package in VPS Servers

The Managed Services upgrade is available for each VPS server we offer and if you would like to benefit from this extra service, you are able to add it with a few mouse clicks when you sign up or at a later point in time using your VPS billing area. The upgrade can be renewed once a month, so you can choose if you'll use it constantly or only from time to time if you require it. It provides a number of things that will make the management of your server easier - a weekly backup of the whole virtual private server regardless of how much space you have used, regular tracking of the running processes and rebooting if required, weekly Operating System updates for much better protection and performance, and installation and troubleshooting of third-party apps. In this way you can make the most of the full capacity of a virtual server without having to worry about the technical part as we will aid you with any problem that you could experience.

Managed Services Package in Dedicated Servers

If you include this upgrade to any one of the dedicated web hosting plans we offer, you will be able to use the most powerful kind of hosting even when you have no previous practical experience given that our administrators can assist you with virtually any task. You'll be able to do this when you sign up or through your billing area later and you'll be able to decide if you will keep the upgrade constantly or if you'll add it only when you need it. The Managed Services upgrade features 50 Gigabytes of backup space on a separate server, so we can restore your info if something breaks down after a software update, one example is. Our admins will update the Operating System you have selected for the hosting server, so you will have stable and secure software environment all of the time. They shall also keep an eye on the hosting server 24/7 and restart it if required. Last, but not least, they are able to help you to set up or troubleshoot any app from a third-party provider in case you experience any difficulties, so you can get skilled help and a quick resolution rather than wasting time and efforts yourself.